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L   I   T   T   L   E      V   O   I   C   E   S


"I started using Twitter in early 2007. So not super early, but pretty early. It was magical then. A big conversation between friends with the in-jokes, references and stimulation you'd expect. It changed of course, as all things do. As all social networking shifted and became a bit more about promoting yourself and a bit less about being social, then Twitter users turned in this direction too. I noticed it started to feel noisy with a lot of re-tweets and replies to try and foster attention. I followed a person because of what they said, not what they replied to or re-tweeted. I decided to make a version of Twitter that only contained the Tweets that a person said, their actual character - no re-tweets, no replies, no 'noise' as I saw it. So Little Voices was born for iOS users. "

Charlie Gower


iOS application / available here.